Saturday, March 30, 2013

Nearing the Finish Line

Peace Be Upon You...

Grateful to God that has given me strength to persevere to finish my write up. Alhamdulillah. I finally submitted my final year dissertation on Thursday the 28th of March. I was very glad that I can finally part ways with my dissertation. The three months relationship with it have given me so much pain, physically and psychologically. I just care less about the result as I think I have given the best I could and the most that I have in myself. More than that it is all tawakkaltualallah. InsyaAllah for whatever result I would get I will have to take it with an open heart. Well, result does not determine how good we are as a human. I remembered my lecturers saying that even if we did not get good result in examinations or test or anything to do with that we are not actually failure. The result is only valid on papers. In real life who you are as a person that counts. Yeah I adore how supportive my lecturers are and how good they are at giving me and my friends countless advice to keep on living. And even if I get not good result for my degree I will not despair. InsyaAllah I will try hard to be a good educator. Teaching skills cannot be shown on papers but how we actually deal with our students. And I would really want to be a teacher that can inspire their life not only in education part but also spiritually. InsyaAllah

And since Easter break is already here in the UK, I'll embark on a journey long I left. I haven't been anywhere since december last year for the reason focusing on the dissertation. This time InsyaAllah I'll be visiting Holland, Egypt and Jordan. It would be a little tiring as this jaulah will take about 14 days and the day I come back to Plymouth on the 15th April, I'll need to head to class right away. heheh

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